FY-602 data radio

Small size, Low-power

Transmit power 500mW(27dB),High receive sensitivity -123dbm, Power voltage DC5V,Receive current<45mA,
Transmit current<360mA,Static current<1mA,Using high performance chip microprocessor which can reduce peripheral
circuits, improve reliability, and reduce failure rates;Small size (No shell)58 mm*38mm*10 mm

    ISM High anti-interference ability and low error rate

    The operating frequency of the ISM band make it do not require to apply for frequency. It has 433MHz and 915Mhz.
    Based on the GFSK modulation and efficient communication protocol, it can decrease the actual error bit rate less than 10 when the channel error bit rate it 10.

    IO control function

    Support 2 input and 2 output, make it convenient for the industrial users to use the IO control function without any hardware development.

    Long-distance visible data transmission

    When the antenna height >3 m, reliable transmission distance >3000m. Air to ground,
    the reliable transmission distance >10000m. Provides a transparent data interface to accommodate any standard
    or non-standard user protocol. Automatically filter out noise signals and fake data generated in the air

    Multi-channel and Multi-speed rate

    FY-602 supports 16 channels for users which could meet the needs of multiple communication combinations.
    FY-602 supports 1200bps、2400bps、4800bps、9600bps、19200bps、38400bps Baud rate, which could meet the multiple baud rates for the users devices needs.

    Intelligent data control, do not need to program redundant programs

    FY-602 can transmit infinite data when the air speed rate is greater than the serial port rate, and it can transmit 512 byte data
    per frame when the air speed rate is less than the serial port speed rate. Even for half-duplex communication, users do not need to
    program redundant programs, just receive/send data from the interface. Others such as air receive/transmit conversion, network connection,
    control, etc., the module can be completed automatically.

    Watch dog real-time monitoring

    With the watch dog function, it changes the organizational structure of traditional products and improved the reliability of products.

    Multiple antenna

    Users can choose different antenna according to the working environment to achieve the best working effect.

    Power management

    FY-602 supports 3 sleep working mode, Hardware wake-up, Serial port wake-up, Air wake-up


    * Meter reading system

    * Industrial remote control

    * Data communication for railway, oil field, wharf and military

    * Automation control for medical and electronic instruments

    * Car theft deterrent, tire pressure monitoring

    * Automation control for medical and electronic instruments

    * Queue management system

    * Family electric appliance and Intelligent lighting control

    * Security alarm and Attendance and orientation

    * Wireless electronic balance

    * Control of large game equipment