Missile automatic tracking algorithm

According to the new generation of mean shift navigation and tracking algorithm, it can predict in advance, optimize flight path and flight the route more accurately.

32 dimensions EFK2 and Triple redundancy AHRS.

The super-strong 32-dimensional EKF2 filter integrates GPS data and 3-redundant AHRS data in real time at a frequency of 500Hz to provide highly accurate and reliable navigation information, making flight performance unprecedented.

  • 32

    dimensions EKF2

  • 3

    redundancy AHRS

  • 500

    navigation data fusion frequency

Self-learning attitude control algorithm

Original self learning attitude control algorithm, optimal control according to the effect of output feedback, flight pitch angle and roll angle what can be controlled within the range of 4 °, the elevation difference is less than 5 meters.

  • Pitch angle and roll angle

  • 5m

    elevation difference

The safest and reliable fixed-wing flight controller system

Multiple emergency and protection mechanisms

With the built-in strapdown inertial navigation algorithm, it can easily deal with GPS losing, and various protection modes can ensure flight safety.

  • Return automatically when wind speed is too much

  • Return automatically when GNSS precision is reduced

  • Return automatically when loss signal after 30s

  • Return automatically when power is lower

  • Climb up automatically when aircraft’s flight altitude is too low

  • Return automatically when wind speed is more than level5

  • Strong anti-interference

    All input and output port circuits are fully isolated to effectively protect the flight control core. In And the aviation aluminum all-metal shell isolates external electromagnetic interference, meeting the requirements of military level.

  • Working in extreme environment

    The circuit board cover with nanometer proof water protective paint can cope with high and low temperature effectively, humidity and extreme environment which can make PANDA3 also works well in extreme environments.

Three power supply which can ensure to work continuously

Support three power system. The backup power supply can seamlessly connected after any power failure, ensuring safe operation of the system.

Smartest software

The GCS 7.0 is not only simple and easy to use, but also has detailed operation guide function, and it has a simple and clear human-computer interaction interface, so that users with no experience can start to operate quickly.

Multi blocks and seamless aerial survey

Intelligent flight mission parameter calculation, multiple planning methods, support multi blocks and seamless aerial survey, one-stop operation, improve the efficiency of aerial survey.