A high precision aerial photography solution

Unicorn system is easier and safe to operate and provide the high precision. It has the advantage of small size and big payload. Anyone can operate it well.

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Many colors

  • Black
  • Black and white
  • White and red

Easy to use

UNICORN has powerful function of route mapping that it can be done on a tablet. FY-GCS( ground software )will generate routes automatically according to the resolution (GSD), planning area, photo overlap rate and other information.


The body adopts a modular design,so it can be quickly disassembled and loaded into a backpack, which is easy to carry.

Precision integration, stable and reliable

Strictly observes aerodynamic design, uses long-life industrial-grade parts which make it can undertake high-intensity work

Flight performance

The UNICORN is designed for aerial survey users. The body adopts an integrated design, and the flight control system uses the inertial strapdown attitude digital filter control algorithm which could make the aerial surveys easier and faster.

Independent research, stable performance

  • Autopilot

  • Data radio

  • Panda2

    UNICORN autopilot is a flight control system designed for Unicorn aircraft, adopts inertial strapdown attitude calculation and combines with kalman digital filtering and fusion algorithm. It not only highly integrated GPS positioning module, airspeed sensor and pressure sensor, but also integrated data radio with transmission distance up to 30KM, which make it has the advantage of high integration, install conveniently, and the performance is stable and reliable.

  • FY-608

    FY-608 data is developed specifically for the geographical mapping and UAV control link application environment. Using the Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), support network, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication mode. It has the advantage of light weight, small size, low power consumption, strong anti-interference and superior receiving performance. The max transmit power is 1W, and max communication distance is 30km.

  • The payload is 800g

    Unicorn can adapt payload weight without adjusting parameters
    Automatic optimal control strength, compatible with a variety of cameras.

  • RTK

    Unicorn can be compatibility with most of RTK/PPK from market, realizing precision positioning to centimeters, saving over 90% of image control points, and meeting the requirement of 1:500 aerial survey precision. Provide high precision and reliable positioning system for aerial survey.

  • Orthoimage

    Orthoimage is a kind of digital surveying and mapping product, it is characterized by geometric accuracy, mathematical accuracy and image features. Good effectiveness, strong practicability, being easy to get data, short production cycle, it can well meet the needs of many industries in society, improves production efficiency and decrease production cost.

Comprehensive performance upgrade
For working well

Excellent structural design makes it more reliable, better performance and greatly improved working ability.

Small size

Unicorn is convenient to be worked and carried outside because of small size.


EPO material has the advantage of lightly, shock relief, easy to repair, corrosion resistance and long life.

Large payload space

Large space reserved in UNICORN which can be equipped different cameras according to different operating environments, it can carry objects of less than 800G mass.

Good protection

All the electronics of Unicorn are concentrated on one circuit. Even if crashes, the EPO material can be a good buffer, reduce the impact of the ground on the aircraft.

Preset protection mechanism

The preset protection mechanism can provide multiple protection measures and avoid danger effectively, such as emergency opening parachute, no GPS circling, returning automatically when no signal.

Catapult takeoff

Unicorn can take off through catapult automatically without manual operating, which greatly reduces the operation requirements for users, avoid the occurrence of danger and raise take-off success rate greatly.

Way of landing

Two ways of landing, user can choose falling through parachute or sliding according to operation environment.

invert-opening parachute

Unicorn uses invert-opening parachute mode which can protect lens of camera and wings greatly.