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FeiyuTech was founded in August 2007, our headquarter located in the beautiful city of Guilin. It is the first batch of unmanned aerial vehicles and related automation products startup companies in South China. In the ten years since its founding, the FeiyuTech team has always taken the cutting-edge breakthroughs in core technology and the wide application of product innovation as the direction. At present, it has launched a number of best-selling global products in the field of image stabilization, drone automation technology, and other related technologies. The field has obtained a number of domestic and international patents. At present, FeiyuTech has stuffs nearly 300 personnel. Items were sold to all around the world. The headquarter is located in Guilin, and has R&D centers and marketing centers in Shenzhen.

We insist on the strategy of focusing, continue to increase the R&D investment of our products, and drive innovation with users’ needs and cutting-edge technologies, which make it in a leading position in the industry. Handheld stabilizers, fixed-wing drone aerial survey solutions, drone flight controllers, and digital radio stations are the main products of the company. They are widely used in image stabilization, land mapping, mineral prospecting, digital cities, disaster assessment, and power inspections, agricultural popular science and other industries, and provide tailor-made subdivided products and solutions for users in different industries. FeiyuTech is closely following the needs of customers, providing customers with better products and more timely technical services, promoting the development of handheld stabilizers and UAV industry, and insisting on being the pioneer, struggler and leader of the drone industry.

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the company was founded and headquartered in Guilin

launched high-precision attitude orientation module with independent intellectual property rights(AHRS)

launched the first model balancer using inertial attitude measurement system

launched small unmanned aerial vehicle autopilot FY-3ZT and it is widely used in fixed-wing UAV.

The overseas channels of aircraft model balancer are expanding rapidly.

Cooperate with international forestry giant to lay out fixed wing for surveying and mapping.

launched X5 flying wing UAV.

launched autopilot PandaII for aerial survey applications

launched Mini 3D airborne gimbal

Integrated Autopilot and FY-TS-2 Catapult have been successfully developed, and widely used for aerial survey.

first fully self-developed aerial survey-class UAV UNICORN is launched, which has the advantage of easy to use, safe and high-precision.

Look forward to the future!