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Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit

Feiyu technology’s target that is satisfied with customer , and provide the best solution of UAV to user, and give user the legal rights and interests, and make some regulations that repairing, replacing , returning back. We will implement strictly the regulations of repairing and replacing and returning back. We will solve quickly the questions from customers and reduce the loss of product because of faults.

  • After-sale Service Policies

  • Warranty service

  • After-sale service process

  • After sale

  • a.Maintenance Service Policies

    The customer can send the faulty product to the UAV Division of Guilin Feiyu Technology Co., Ltd. for repair.

    b.Replacement Service Policies

    For products that meet certain conditions and fail during the warranty period, we will replace a fully functional product for free.
  • Customers can enjoy the warranty and replacement service if the warranty conditions are met.

    a.Terms of warranty

    The warranty period starts from the user's purchase date and the warranty period is 12 months.

    b.Warranty certificate

    The warranty service works only when the customer has the warranty certificate during the warranty period. If not, you need to pay for repairs in accordance with relevant regulations.

    c.Warranty content

    According to the requirements of the contract and technical agreement,We will be free to repair or replace accessory during the warranty period because of quality issues including to manufacturing ,assembling , materials issues etc. According to the requirements of the contract and technical agreement,During the warranty period, if the product is damaged by human behavior, customer need to pay for repairs.

    PS:The product is damaged by human behavior, such as collision, leakage of foreign matters (such as seawater, sands and muds), burning down, unauthorized modification, incorrect installation, and malfunction caused by operating against the instruction.

    d.Warranty replacement policy

    During the warranty period, the following conditions are met and the user refuses to repair products, they can apply for replacement: If the products cannot work normally within 15 days from the date of sale and it is confirmed that it is the factory reason, the product replacement application can be submitted; After several times repairs and the products still cannot work normally during the warranty period, if it is confirmed that it is the factory reason, the product replacement application can be submitted.
  • Contact information

    a.If you purchased the product from a dealer, please contact the dealer for processing.
    b.If you purchased the product from FeiYu Store, please contact with us and send your device back.

    Process of After-Sales Service:

    Fill in After-sales
    registration form

    Send the products
    to us


    Complete repair
    and return the
    products to customer

    Feiyu UAV Division


    3rd Floor, A, Guilin Electric Valley, Innovation Building,
    Information Industry Park ,ChaoYang Road ,Qi Xing District ,Guilin

  • Matters need attention:

    a.Please down the after-sale service registration form, fill in the information and send it with the equipment.
    b.Keep the tracking number for your inquiry

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