• Rich functions
  • built-in shock absorber
  • OSD
  • ARM chip
  • floating point algorithm
  • GCS software

51AP flight control system, as the replacement of 41AP, adopts the new generation ARM processor.Compared with the previous
 generation of processor,51AP use efficient floating point algorithm. It can bring a very good driving experience whether it is
 automatic driving or manual control.  51AP supports 64 flight points and 7 flight modes, which can be freely switched through
  remote control or GCS software.It has independent OSD video superposition module, which supports traditional image 
 transmission system.  Users can enjoy the visual feast brought by FPV according to the real-time 
algorithm optimization of using scenes.

On Screen Display(OSD) functions

To independent OSD module,which supports traditional image transmission system.
 Users can enjoy the visual feast brought by FPV according to the real-time 
algorithm optimization of using scenes.

Intelligent, efficient floating-point algorithm

Adopting the new generation ARM processor.Compared with the previous generation of processor,
51AP use efficient floating point algorithm. It can bring a very good driving experience whether it is automatic driving or manual control. 

Easy to operate, smart flight

51AP makes a lot of complex operation to be easier. it has 7 flight modes, which can be achieved through the one-key switch of remote control or GCS software, for stable flight, aerobatic flight, etc., it can provide complete solutions for different flight modes.

  • Mission mode
  • Stabilized mode
  • Tap-fly
  • 3D mode
  • Manual mode
  • Return mode
  • GPS mode

Navigation flight, Safe and convenient

The GCS for 51AP supports up to 64waypoints. You only need to draw the route and setup the altitude, the software will generate the flight path for 51AP automatically, then the 51AP will control the aircraft fly along the flight path automatically, freeing users' hands and enjoying the passionate visual feast brought by FPV.

  • Strong compatibility

    51AP apply to many of aircraft, such as Normal layout, flying wing ,V tail etc. And it lower the getting started difficulty of aircraft model, easily meet the needs of different users, realize the flight dream of users, enjoy the passion of sensitive control and speed at any time.

  • Rich-connector

    Using D-connector cable, which is convenient for user to use. It has 1 SBUS interface, 8 servos output and 1 video output interface. It can help the aircraft to achieve abundant application expansion, and provide stable and comprehensive system - level solutions for aircraft fans.

  • Triple protection

    51AP supports failsafe function which could protect your aircraft of greatest degree. The aircraft will return automatically according to pre-set altitude by user to avoid aircraft loss or other losses when emergency condition occurs.

GCS software ,Control freely

User can control freely flight equipment through GCS ground software. Such as controlling flight, replaying historical path, adjusting the parameter online and upgrading flight control.