FY-TS-3 Catapult
TS-3 is a new type of catapult equipment independently developed by the Feiyu Tech.
The TS-3 uses aerospace aluminum material combined with hollow structure design which
solves the problems of bulky and difficult to carry. The TS-3 adopts sectional design and can
be divided into three parts: front rail, rear rail and bracket. You only need to connect the two rails,
bipods, and expand the bracket arms, then it can be put into use quickly. It is also possible to replace
different types of bracket arm for use with a variety of models to meet the needs of various industries.

Aerospace aluminum material
makes itsturdy and durable
Aerospace aluminum material has the advantage of high strength and high toughness
which can makes the TS-3 catapult has stable performance, reliable and durable.
Innovative design structure
Different from the bulky design of the traditional catapult,
the hollow design makes it not only reduces weight,
but also looks beautiful and durable.
High applicability
After replacing different types of the front arms,
it can be applied for most fixed-wing aircraft which weight is from 1.5-4.5kg.
Small size, light weight
The package size is only 1.0 X 0.25 X 0.16m and weighs only 7.56kg
Simple operation and quick disassembly
The catapult is equipped with a special canvas bag for easy carrying